The Game

A big portion of my time spent at Sheridan college was building a capstone game, a project where we simulated a studio environment. Team members were assigned roles and a complete game was built over the course of seven months.

Our team set out to create a game that focused on level design. We wanted to build something that explored how a game level gives context to the mechanics of the game.

An area of particular interest was in how players were introduced to those mechanics. I'm always impressed when a game has a well executed tutorial, so the capstone provided an exciting opportunity to explore this area in detail.

The Design

Our goal was to build a game that smoothly introduced players to what ended up being some fairly complex mechanics. The gameplay revolved around shooting balls at objects in the environment. The balls change states when they bounced, which changes how they interact with their environment. Elements in the environment could also change states, which allowed for some fairly complex puzzles to be made.

We also combined these puzzles elements with enemies, which led to some rather interesting and dynamic gameplay. Treating the enemies as puzzles was an engaging twist, and it would be nice to explore it further.

In terms of our design outcome, the game turned out all right. After many iterations of the intro, our final product had players smoothly adopting the skills necessary to play the game.

Design Process Work

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