The Game

Sheridan Orientation Augmented Reality, or SOAR, is a gamified app harnessing the connection between spatial awareness and memory to provide students with an effective orientation. The game was presented at the Sheridan Mobile Computing Symposium, where it was awarded the People's Choice. SOAR uses augmented reality to superimpose information over the players' real world, connecting the theoretical knowledge with its application.

The Design

This was a joint project with a colleague and fellow game designer Coulter Baker. I worked as a game designer and programmer. We came up with the initial design in the summer of 2016, while Pokemon GO was at its peak. SOAR was inspired by Pokemon GO, especially by how its AR connected real spaces with unrelated information.

Our implementation didn't use the power of AR fully, though. Future iterations would better integrate the course content with the player's surroundings, maybe through the use of image recognition.