On this page are some of the bigger projects I've worked on in the last few years. Those
featured here are either larger projects, paid work, or were successful in a competition.


Anthem is a multiplayer action role-playing game being developed by Bioware.
My position on the project is World Designer, a role which involves bringing the work from multiple teams together.

  • Game Design / Level Design
    2017 - Present


Uncapped was a seven month project that two teammates and I completed as a part of
our capstone. The game focused on player instruction through level design.

  • Game Design / Level Design
    2016 - 2017

Jammer Splash!

As a part of my Game Design degree, I completed a coop at Big Blue Bubble. I was the level designer
on the project, and we did our soft launch while I was still working for them.

  • Level Design

Sheridan Orientation Augmented Reality

Proposal for a gamified mobile app. It harnesses the power of AR and games to teach students.
This project won the people's choice award at the Sheridan Mobile Computing Symposium.

  • Game Design

These games are smaller in scope, and were often about exploring a single concept
rather than making a fully functional game. For the most part these are school projects.

Social Chaos

This was my team's project the inaugural Sprint Week (a sort of Game Jam). It won first place, and it's theme was "Bullying". The game had players controlling a character as the character made their way around a high school. Players had to get to each classroom, then exit the school. The first player to leave won.

We involved bullying by having players randomly receive penalties, which they were required to give away to other players. In testing players usually all picked on a single player, but the player being picked on was not necessarily the player in the lead. Often it was even the losing player who would receive the brunt of the bullying. We were unsure of what to make of this.

Word Wrestling

The design for this mobile game was inspired by competitive word games, and is a cross between a word search and Scrabble. This two player game provides each player with a set of words.

Player must each take turns finding letters in the grid, and moving them to a place where they can spell a word from their list. Players are aware of the other player's words, and can make choices that can not only help themselves, but also hinder their opponents.

Part of the difficulties in making this game came from the tight mobile interface. It's possible that this game would work much better on either a large tablet or a computer.


This endless runner is a modification, made in collaboration with Stefano Della Croce, of the popular endless runner Canabalt. The goal of the game was to inspire democratic engagement.

Though this mod was made in 2014, during the 2015 election we realized that all the party leaders were still the same. Since the topic of non-partisan voter engagement interest me, we decided to dust off the game and release it online. This was one of the first games I made, and it was neat revisiting older work. Even a year makes a big difference, particularly when you're starting to learn coding.


Herders was a project where we were assigned a concept, and we had to run with that concept. The concept for Herders was "Collecting". The game had to be about collecting.

Our team decided to have shepherding as our theme, with two players either competing or cooperating to herd the sheep into their respective pens. The game was a bit simplistic however. It didn't have enough potential depth, and there was little room for emergent gameplay. It looked nice, though, and it sounded pretty.