About Me

Hi, my name is Bobby Mann, and I'm a game designer from Edmonton, Alberta.

Playing games has always been a kind of casual endeavor for me. Games are fun to play, sure, but the serious fun is in their making. I enjoy designing games, from competitive games to the ones for passing the time or finding virtual friendship. Every game has a purpose, a reason for existing. Designing is a journey to discover the form that best fulfills this purpose. Design can be a challenging process and the destination may be unknown, but the final discovery is very rewarding.

Bobby Mann

Game Design

Here you will find a few projects I have worked on in a design
role. I describe some of the process work that went into them,
and show some images of the process and finished work.

  • Game Design


I enjoy working on things beyond game design. Drawing and
painting is fun, and also helps visualize ideas, for myself and
for others.